Each committee section includes:

Committee Mission Statement
Committee Objectives
Committee Chairperson
Sub-Committees as assigned
Other information as directed by the committee chairperson

As a FAMA member if you would like to be part of a committee, please contact the committee chairperson.

Governmental Affairs Committee


The mission of the Governmental Affairs Committee is to be the primary vehicle through which FAMA will establish and maintain the reputation as a leader and strategic partner at the federal government level as it relates to Emergency Rescue, Fire Apparatus, and Homeland Security.

  • Monitoring and disseminating potential and enacted legislation to all FAMA members
  • Monitoring and disseminating emergency-rescue data and reports as they are released to all FAMA members
  • Enhance FAMA's relationship with universities offering Fire Science Programs.
  • Working with and providing to the FAMA Board and legal counsel:
    1. a) Data
      b) Potential consequences
      c) Recommendations and options as they relate to potential legislation
  • Maintaining a strategic partnership with other organizations as deemed appropriate (e.g., CFSI) and disseminating the information to all FAMA members
  • Developing an annual operating budget, funding plan, and strategic plan
  • Interacting with the appropriate legislative and administrative agencies of the federal government
  • Pursuing only those issues that are non-competitive (affect all FAMA members) in nature
  • Develop a communications vehicle/network within FAMA and the appropriate associations
  • Ensuring all activities of the Governmental Affairs Committee support the mission of FAMA

Policies & Procedures Statement:



Lee Morris

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