Annex D - Repair, Refurbish or Replace (.pps or .pdf)

Emergency Vehicle size and Weight Regulation Guideline - Fire apparatus are often larger and heavier than other trucks of their same class. This white paper explores the reasons behind the weight, and offers guidelines for truck size and weight regulating authorities. (.pdf)

"Gimme What You Got" - Modern Fire Apparatus and Emerging Technology (.pps or .pdf)

GAC 2008 Member Demographics Mapping Project - (.pdf)

Graphical Symbols for Automotive Fire Apparatus - (.pdf)

Innovations in Fire Apparatus - Metro Chiefs - 2010 Presentaion - (.pps -187mb or .pdf -7.6mb)

NFPA 1901 Update- 2009 Presentation - 4.16.08 (.ppt or .pdf)

NFPA 1901 - 2009 Presentation - 3.18.08 (.ppt or .pdf)

Selling the Standards - Promoting Customer Acceptance and Compliance with NFPA 1901 Safety Standards (.pps or .pdf)

Standard Product Safety Sign Catalog for Automotive Fire Apparatus - Dec 3, 2012
FAMA White Paper (pdf)

Third Fire Service Needs Assessment - Conducted in 2010 and Including Comparison to the 2001 and 2005 Needs Assessment and Surveys June 2011 (.pdf) - Presentation to CFSI Board - Dr. John R. Hall, Jr., National Fire Protection Association, October 2011(.pdf)

Tour of Duty - (.ppt or .pdf)

Washing Exterior Light Lenses - More Harm Than Good? - (.pdf)

2010 Fire Truck Engine Strategy - (.pdf)