Engine Topics

FAMA DPF and SCR Guide

This guide is intended to help fire service personnel understand the emissions systems on fire apparatus and to provide specific guidance on how to address emissions related concerns.  The issues addressed cover CUSTOM CHASSIS apparatus equipped with either Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) or Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) aftertreatment devices.

FAMA DPF and SCR Guide - PDF Jan, 2013


Diesel Exhaust and Indoor Air Quality

As new diesel engines burn cleaner every year, some Chiefs wonder what impact the
exhaust emissions have on air quality inside the station garage. This analytical study
looks at the various tailpipe pollutants and suggests a method of answering this question.

2007 Diesel Emissions Impact on Indoor Air Quality - PDF Feb, 2008


2007 Diesel Engine Impact on Fire Apparatus.

The US EPA diesel emissions standards had a significant impact on apparatus design.
This powerpoint presentation summarizes how fired departments purchasing new
apparatus can expect to see on their apparatus.

Impact of 2007 Engine Changes on Fire Apparatus - PDF Jan, 2008


2010 Diesel Engine Impact on Fire Apparatus.

In 2010 diesel engines change one more time. This should be the last time for the
foreseeable future, but again the changes will be significant. This preliminary
presentation gives a hint to what the future holds.

2010 Fire Truck Engine Strategy - PDF Apr, 2008


2010 Engine Roundtable Forum

A "2010 Engine Roundtable Forum" including three member/industry engine
manufacturer representatives was provided at the FAMA Technical Committee
Meeting on April 24th in Indianapolis, IN. Each presenter supplied a power
point presentation covering his engine product.

2010 Engine Roundtable Cummins - PPTM Apr, 2009
2010 Engine Roundtable Daimler - PPTM Apr, 2009
2010 Engine Roundtable Navistar - PPTM Apr, 2009