Tools for Truck Committees

Fire Apparatus Equipment Weight and Cube Calculator

Truck specification committees must consider the size and weight of the equipment they intend to carry before specifying the quantity and capacity of the compartments on their new apparatus. This tool provides typical sizes and weight for many pieces of equipment commonly carried on fire apparatus. The spreadsheet format allows it to be used to conveniently estimate the approximate total capacity required.  It should be noted that the information contained herein is merely intended as a "guide" to aid in estimating the approximate weight and volume of typical equipment.  All the values used in this estimator are for generic products of the type described, and do not take into account potential variances in weight and volume of specific products provided by a specific manufacturer.  The specific values for weight and volume may differ significantly from one manufacturer's product to another.  Throughout the life of the fire apparatus, the owner/user of the fire apparatus is ultimately responsible for determining that the accurate weight and volume of the particular equipment to be carried on the fire apparatus has been accurately and independently determined, and that the fire apparatus is properly loaded and balanced within the chassis manufacture's gross vehicle weight recommendations, and also in compliance with the loading and balance limits for individual axles, tires, storage compartments, and other weight-limited components of the apparatus.   

Instructions.doc Jan, 2009
FAMA Weight and Cube Calculator (7.6mb, xls) Nov, 2009

Fire Fighter Size and Weight Study

This study provides measurements of fire fighters in bunker gear. Primarily used by
apparatus designers, this information may also be useful to fire departments planning for
facilities that must be designed around the smallest and the largest fire fighter shapes,
sizes, and weights.

Fire Fighter Anthropometric Data White Paper - PDF Oct, 2007


Fire Apparatus Duty Cycle Study

This report uses the results from fire chief surveys as well as actual fire apparatus engine
data to estimate the average fire apparatus duty cycles in terms of road miles, engine
hours, pump hours, and aerial hours. Results are subdivided by demographics and
apparatus type.

Fire Apparatus Duty Cycle White Paper - PDF Apr, 2004

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking - Fire Apparatus Weight and Length Exemptions

The California Department of Transportation submitted to the Office of
Administrative Law proposed regulations that would increase the axle weight
exemptions for fire appartus, and allow a longer single-unit fire apparatus
vehicle. The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking will be published in the
California Regulatory Notice Register on Friday, October 31, 2008. That
date will begin a 45-day comment period.

Fire Apparatus Cover Letter Oct, 2008
Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Oct, 2008

Fire Apparatus Improvement White Paper

The Fire Apparatus Manufacturers' Association (FAMA) takes great pride in presenting this "Fire Apparatus Improvement White Paper" to the North American Fire Service. FAMA believes this report can be used as a resource tool for determining and justifying funding requirements, and can assist the forward-thinking fire service administrator in analyzing the department's future equipment needs. The data contained in this report was gathered by FAMA members for informational purposes only; it is not intended to promote or endorse a particular product or manufacturer. FAMA welcomes your comments on this report, its format, and its utility to the fire service community.

Fire Apparatus Improvement White Paper - PDF May, 2009