By Tim Johnson

Tim is the southern region sales manager for Rosenbauer America. He is responsible for sales and dealership support in the nine-state region. Johnson co-chairs the chassis subcommittee for the FAMA Technical Committee.

In today’s world, technology is evolving at a record pace, and fire apparatus manufacturers are increasingly being requested to incorporate the latest and greatest technological advances in their fire apparatus. When we hear technology, we often think of the latest version of the iPhone, iPad, or something electronic. While those are some of the most recognizable advances in technology, there are other applications, many of which are quite complex. Technological advances in fire apparatus could be the implementation of a seat belt warning system, a vehicle data recorder (VDR), electronic stability control, or air bag system. These may seem to be ordinary technologies of everyday life, however their implementation in fire apparatus can require a great deal of creativity. In the automotive sector, there seems to be significant awareness on autonomous vehicles and continued advancements of crash avoidance systems. Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association (FAMA) member companies add new technology features on a yearly basis, so what’s next for fire apparatus?