By Roger Lackore

Roger is the vice president of product development for Smeal Fire Apparatus. He has a bachelor’s degree in science for mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in science for engineering management. He is licensed as a professional engineer and a certified safety professional with 31 years of experience in the heavy vehicle industry.

In this day of electronic media, there are many ways to learn and sharpen your skills without ever leaving the station. There are videos, blogs, Webinars, and Google searches just to name a few. So, why bother sending your fire department staff to a live symposium when the alternatives are easier on department budgets? At the Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association (FAMA), we feel that there is still a great advantage to getting out of the box and being able to meet face to face, ask questions, shake hands, and learn from each other. This is the reason our member companies dedicate time and energy each year, partnering with the Fire Department Safety Officer Association (FDSOA) to bring you the Annual Fire Apparatus Maintenance and Specification Symposium.