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As a FAMA member if you would like to be part of a committee, please contact the committee chairperson.


The mission of the Education-Surveys Committee is to help strengthen the FAMA member companies by providing valuable data.


  • To conduct an Industry Outlook Survey on a regular basis.
  • To conduct Member Outlook Surveys.



  1. Committee Composition – The FAMA Education Committee shall consist of a Chair, appointed by the President, and additional members. Where required, the committee will assist and be assisted by other FAMA Committees to accomplish it’s mission and objectives.
  2. Budget – The committee shall develop a budget that shall be within the guidelines as established by the President and Board of Directors, to provide for the tools and resources necessary to implement its mission and objectives.
  3. Programs – The committee shall be responsible for the following programs:
    • Industry Outlook Survey
    • Member Outlook Survey


  1. Committee
    • Meetings are to be as needed by phone or scheduled in conjunction with other industry functions and meetings
    • All policies and procedures will be reviewed on an annual basis and recommendations for change will be forwarded or presented to the board for review and approval.
  2. Budget
    • The Committee will make a recommendation to the board for the necessary budget requested to support the committee’s activities and programs on an annual basis as requested by The Board of Directors.
    • Upon establishment of the planning directives and program budgets, the Committee will work together to accomplish its mission on a timely basis and communicate with the FAMA Administrative Assistant.

Phil Gerace (Task Force Tips)

Jerry Conley (Pierce Manufacturing, Inc.)