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Hannay Reels, Inc
Hannay Reels, Inc

Series TEF reels have dual spools that allow for 2 independently operating reels built within a small space-saving frame, removable chain guard for added safety and easy maintenance, chain & sprocket drive powered by 2 electric gear motors and optional 4-way roller with adjustable positions including:  forward-facing, vertically-facing or 30° angle.

Series TEF2500 for hydraulic rescue tools will handle dual hydraulic 1/4” hose, pressures to 10,500 psi, has two 90 degree dual passage swivel joints with 1/4” female NPT threads – specify rescue tool manufacturer to determine threads and packing material required.

Series TEF1600 for electric rescue tools, with 3-conductor, 30-amp collector assembly with #10 gauge wiring, optional 4-conductor available.

Series TEF1500 for utility or breathing air, available for low psi  breathing air to 3000 psi and high psi breathing air to 6000 psi, standard inlet 90° ball bearing swivel joint with 1/2\\” female NPT threads, standard outlet: 1/2\\” female NPT threads, other sizes available upon request.

All series TEF reels are available in any combination of hydraulic hose (Series 2500), electric cable (Series 1600) or breathing air or utility air (Series 1500)  – making it customizable to your specific application.

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