Air Pressure, Weight Capacity, and Speed: Getting to Know Tires

Of all the components that make up a fire apparatus, tires could be considered the most critical. Without them, moving the vehicle would be extremely difficult.

They bear the weight of the entire vehicle. Not that anyone can tell it in states where road conditions are poor, but they do provide some cushion for little cracks or rises in the road. Tires may seem like relatively simple components on a fire apparatus. However, consider them one of the most complex components and arguably one of the strongest.

People may not realize it, but there is critical information imprinted on the sidewall of each tire on a fire apparatus. If certain information is not adhered to, such as tire inflation pressure and load carrying capacity, there could be detrimental effects to the tires. Speed is another factor that can significantly impact tires. And, in certain cases, tire speed limitations may not be on the sidewall. Read More.

This article originally appeared in Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment, July 2015.