Qualifications for Membership

Membership in FAMA shall be open to those otherwise qualified business entities that, during the preceding 12 month period, using its own employees at its own facilities located in the United States or Canada, has manufactured for commercial resale any of the following products:

  • fire fighting or fire protection apparatus, including rescue vehicles and command vehicles intended for use in emergency service (collectively called “fire apparatus” herein);
  • components or products which are later incorporated by the fire apparatus manufacturer as a permanent part of the completed fire apparatus; or
  • products specifically designed for fire service applications that are affixed to, or carried upon, the fire apparatus for use in conjunction with the fire apparatus in performing its fire fighting, rescue or command function. Examples of such products would include, without limitation, chassis, fire pumps, fire hoses, hose reels, ladders, aerial devices, apparatus valves and other water control appliances.

For purposes of this section, the term “manufacture” means the construction or fabrication of a qualifying product from raw materials, or the assembly of a qualifying product from raw materials, or the assembly or a qualifying product using parts, components, or sub-assemblies that are supplied by others.

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