Power to Spare: Line Voltage Options for Fire Apparatus

With the ever-growing popularity of multifunction fire apparatus–trucks that can do anything and everything–having adequate onboard power is critical.
In addition to lighting the scene, line voltage (AC electricity) on an apparatus can be used for powering communications, extrication, and ventilation equipment and anything else that requires a 110- or 220-VAC source. Many departments choose to specify cord reels with line voltage outlets as well as outlets in the cab and around the body. Although each location will have an individual current rating, the total amount of power you will be able to draw will depend on the power source’s capacity. Proper power source specification is critical to ensuring that your apparatus will live up to your expectations. Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association (FAMA) member companies can provide a variety of solutions. Read More.
This article originally appeared in Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment, November, 2014.