Austin Hardware & Supply, Inc.
(816) 246-2800 (main)
1-800-634-4293 (toll-free)
950 NW Technology Drive
Lees Summit, MO 64086
950 NW Technology Drive Lees Summit MO 64086


Joe Verdini
Vice President Business Development – Transportation
816-875-5008 (office)
816-550-2941 (cell phone)

Mike Ferraiolo
Vice President of Sales
610-898-3387 (office)
484-877-7640 (cell phone)


Austin Hardware & Supply, Inc. is one of the country’s leading industrial solutions providers, with 10 locations in the United States. Since 1960, Austin Hardware has demonstrated our commitment to serving a wide variety of manufacturers with excellence and integrity. We work diligently to providehigh quality products and innovative solutions so that the companies who place their trust in us can deliver their products to the marketplace as effectively as possible. We are committed understanding the unique needs of our customers, anticipating market changes and being an advocate and champion for our partners.

Manufacturer of compartment handles, door components, slide systems, and handrails plus a wide variety of distribution products.