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TecNiq, Inc. LED Solutions
TecNiq, Inc. LED Solutions

Galesburg, MI – June 22, 2022 – TecNiq Inc. announces the release of their newest offering for emergency, utility, work truck, and scene lighting needs. The All New, E100 High-Powered Scene Light is the first of its kind from TecNiq. Featuring a completely sealed body and lens, the E100 go’s above and beyond with a whopping 30,000 source lumens, catapulting it to one of the brightest lights in this category. In addition to being an extremely bright light, the E100 also provides lower electrical noise for less radio interference, and TecNiq’s proprietary lens technologies.

With 20 years of designing LED lamps in various configurations, TecNiq’s thermal, optical, and electronics technologies position TecNiq to provide world class solutions. TecNiq’s new high-powered scene lighting lamps are designed to provide increased visibility while minimizing eye glare. At 30,000 source lumens per lamp, these lamps lead the class in total visible energy output.


“Our goal in making this lamp was to leverage the best technologies to maximize light output while reducing eye strain and providing a more functional lamp to the industry.”

Jeff Condon, TecNiq Inc. President


Utilized throughout the work truck and emergency industries, scene lighting is only efficient when placed where it is needed. In the optical world, choosing the right LED is key to lamp design. In a large area scene lamp, functional lumens are most important. To solve scene lighting inefficiencies, TecNiq uses proprietary optical design software to produce lenses that not only direct the light, but make sure it is directed and outputting at the proper intensity level. In addition, instead of choosing a smaller quantity of high-powered LED’s, TecNiq chose their LEDs based on efficiency. Approaching 180 lumens per watt and using 376 LED’s, resulted in a source power of 30,000 lumens in the same size heat sink as others.

By providing a superior illumination, due to the extreme lumen output of this light, these lamps require little to no aiming, or angle adjustment in most situations.

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TecNiq Inc. is an engineer owned & operated company with a strong commitment to excellence. We begin with a simple belief in offering the greatest value, the highest quality lighting solutions, and great customer care. We use the highest quality LEDs, materials, and offer market leading technologically advanced lighting solutions. From emergency response vehicles, fleet vehicles, construction trailers, boats, heavy or light duty equipment, you can expect your lights to work every time. Our goal is to exceed your product quality expectations. We feel so strongly about our commitment to quality, that we back every one of our products with a no-nonsense Lifetime Warranty.


E100 Features:

  • Lamp output of 30,000 source lumens
  • Vibration resistant, low-profile design
  • Reliable performance over 50,000 hours
  • Excellent optic quality with impact resistant lensing
  • Reduced eye glare design
  • Initial offering will be a surface mounted option, with tripod and brow mount to follow