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As a FAMA member if you would like to be part of a committee, please contact one of the committee co-chairs.


The mission of the Governmental Affairs Committee is to be the primary vehicle through which FAMA will establish and maintain the reputation as a leader and strategic partner at the federal government level as it relates to Emergency Rescue, Fire Apparatus, and Homeland Security.


  • Monitoring and disseminating potential and enacted legislation to all FAMA members
  • Monitoring and disseminating emergency-rescue data and reports as they are released to all FAMA members
  • Working with and providing to the FAMA Board and legal counsel:
    • Data
    • Potential consequences
    • Recommendations and options as they relate to potential legislation
  • Maintaining a strategic partnership with other organizations as deemed appropriate (e.g., CFSI) and disseminating the information to all FAMA members
  • Developing an annual operating budget, funding plan, and strategic plan
  • Interacting with the appropriate legislative and administrative agencies of the federal government
  • Pursuing only those issues that are non-competitive (affect all FAMA members) in nature
  • Develop a communications vehicle/network within FAMA and the appropriate associations
  • Ensuring all activities of the Governmental Affairs Committee support the mission of FAMA

Policies and Procedures

Please visit the FAMA/FEMSA GAC website.

Annual GAC Hill Day Video

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