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The mission of the Compass Committee is to provide direction for the future of the FAMA organization by developing a five-year plan identifying long-term goals and objectives, and updating the plan on an annual basis.

Committee Members

  • Provide critical information necessary in helping FAMA constituents make informed decisions.
  • Maintain an accurate website.
  • Maintain a user friendly site.


  • Provide consistency and continuity of purpose for the association.
  • Update association mission statement and objectives to align with long-term goals and objectives
  • Identify membership and organizational issues that will impact the association in the long term.
  • Develop long-term goals and objectives that will give the association a focus that spans the year-to-year operations of the association.


The Compass Committee process is member driven and should include but not be limited to:

  • Member Survey (Formal survey of membership at least every five (5) years)
  • Industry Issues
  • FAMA Interests and Issues

Compass Committee Members

Paul Darley (Darley)
Peter Darley (Darley)
Tim Dean (Pro Poly of America, Inc.)
David Durstine (Akron Brass Company)
Scott Edens (Fouts Bros., Inc.)
Philip Gerace (Task Force Tips, Inc.)
Jerry Halpin (CET Fire Pump Mft., Ltd.)
Curt Ignacio (Marion Body Works, Inc.)
Andrew Lingel (United Plastic Fabricating, Inc.)
Oran McNabb (AMDOR Inc.)
Steve Toren (United Safety & Survivability Corporation)
Bruce Whitehouse (AMDOR Inc.)