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As a FAMA member if you would like to be part of a committee, please contact the committee chairperson.



Mission of the Marketing Committee is to strengthen FAMA’s image throughout the Association’s constituencies. The Marketing Committee will also provide assistance to the FAMA Board of Directors and members in their efforts in communicating FAMA’s mission, programs, policies, events, and successes throughout the fire service industry.


  • To help promote FAMA at industry-wide meetings, conventions, exhibitions, and other appropriate places.
  • To provide suitable collateral materials for all FAMA promotions, marketing, and membership drives.
  • To provide assistance and coordination for FAMA speakers and presentations.
  • To provide press releases for all significant FAMA activities, meetings, or other events.
  • Provide critical information necessary in helping FAMA constituents make informed decisions.
  • Maintain an accurate website.
  • Maintain a user friendly site.

Trade Show


To work closely with the major trade shows in the fire industry to provide feedback and suggestions that will result in adding more value to the FAMA membership while attending the shows.


  • Solicit feedback from the FAMA membership on suggestions to improve specific trade shows, schedule formal meetings with the trade show representatives and share those suggestions.
  • Invite trade show representatives to the annual fall FAMA meeting; allow each to present the summary of the last trade show and plans for the next trade show to the general FAMA membership.
  • Research opportunities to obtain sponsorships with trade show organizations that will benefit both parties and present the sponsorship opportunities to the FAMA Board.

Policies and Procedures

Accuracy changes will be handled by the committee via the webmaster.

Structure changes to be handled and decided on by the Board.

  • Industry Issues
  • FAMA Interests and Issues
  • Quarterly Web Site Reviews by the Committee.
  • Membership review is welcomed and should be addressed through the chairman.

Alissa McGlone (Kussmaul Electronics Co.)

Larry Daniels (E-ONE, Inc.)