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As a FAMA member if you would like to be part of a committee, please contact the committee chairperson.


The mission of the Meeting Planning Committee shall be to strengthen the FAMA organization, enhance FAMA’s service to its membership and the industry, and further the goals and objectives of FAMA through coordinating the planning and implementation of the Spring and Fall Annual Meetings.


  • To budget and plan for the General Membership Meetings
  • To determine topics and speakers of interest for General Membership Meetings
  • To coordinate sites and facilities for General Membership Meetings
  • To coordinate awards and acknowledgements at General Membership Meetings
  • To develop a schedule and budget for group and optional meeting social activities in conjunction with the General Membership Meetings


  1. Committee Composition – The FAMA Meeting Planning Committee shall consist of a Chair, appointed by the President, the FAMA VP, and two additional members. Where required, the committee will assist and be assisted by the association travel agent and the FAMA Administrative Assistant.
  2. Budget – The committee shall develop a budget for the Spring and Fall meetings, within the guidelines established by the President and Board of Directors, to identify and provide for the tools and resources necessary to implement its mission.
  3. Functions – The Committee shall be responsible for the following functions:
    • Speakers and Programs – With the recommendations of the membership and the direction of the Board of Directors, the Committee shall determine topics and speakers of interest and benefit and coordinate the arrangements for the meeting programs.
    • Sites and Facilities – At the direction of the Board of Directors and coordinated with the association travel agent, the Committee shall maintain a three year planning horizon for future meetings, for locations that meet the travel and comfort needs of the membership and meeting facilities appropriate for the association’s functions.
    • Awards and Acknowledgments – Coordinate the procurement and distribution of awards for members, gifts for speakers, acknowledgments and guest requirements for the Spring and Fall Meetings.
    • Meeting Activities – Develop a schedule and budget for group and optional meeting activities for the approval of the Board of Directors, and coordinate the implementation of the programs.


  1. Committee
    • Meetings are to be as needed by phone or fax or scheduled in conjunction with other industry functions and meetings.
    • Committee will coordinate it’s activities with the VP of the association.
    • All policies and procedures will be reviewed on an annual basis and recommendations for change will be forwarded to the board for review and approval.
  2. Budget
    • The Board of Directors will determine policies regarding meeting fees and general budget support of Spring and Fall meetings and the Committee will recommend the appropriate sites, programs and activities to fit the budget requirements.
    • Upon establishment of the planning directives and meeting budgets, the Committee will: work with the travel agent in procuring facilities and sites at appropriate rates; maintain reasonable program and speaker costs; balance meeting fees with services and activities and recommend future budget requirement considerations.
  3. Functions – Speakers and Programs
    • Program Selection – Topic and speaker selection will be an agenda item for the Board of Directors at the prior meeting (Spring Agenda Item for Immediate Fall Subsequent Spring Meeting – Fall Agenda Item for Immediate Spring Meeting and Subsequent Fall Meeting ) allowing at least the Spring/Fall or Fall/Spring cycle for arrangements. All the powers and influences of the Board and the association should be called upon in securing the best possible programs to meet the membership’s interests.
    • Travel and Guest Policy – Committee shall establish and implement a policy for speakers and guests, approved by the Board, that assures the appropriate consideration of the needs of the association’s guests, the implementation of the association’s policies and the proper conduct of the programs and presentations.
  4. Functions – Sites and Facilities
    • Site Selection – The Committee shall coordinate, between the Board and the association travel agent, the review of potential sites, assessing their feasibility in terms of rates and facilities and securing appropriate commitments from the Board and the Sites. Site review and inspection shall be handled by the association travel agent at the agent’s expense and discretion, supplemented by voluntary input and review by members of the Committee, the Board and the general membership.
    • Facilities – The Committee shall assure that the facilities are conducive to meeting size and layout, audio visual requirements, break areas, board meeting areas and major functions.
  5. Functions – Awards and Acknowledgments
    • Association Special Awards – The Committee shall maintain a program for assembling, and having available for presentation the association’s annual permanent awards.
    • Speaker Gifts and Recognitions – The Committee shall assure the arrangement of speaker appreciation gifts and initiate and assure the appropriate association post meeting messages of thanks and appreciation.
    • Past President’s Award – Assure Past President’s plaque is ordered and available for presentation.
    • Local Fire Officials – Assure the invitation and hosting of the appropriate local fire official to attend the Association’s banquet.
  6. Functions – Activities
    • Association Dinners & Banquets – Following the Board’s direction, the budget and the nature of the site and location, the Committee shall plan and implement group dinners and social functions.
    • Voluntary Social Activities – Various free time activities for spouses and mixed groups shall be arranged as the site, time and budget permit, and shall be facilitated and coordinated by the Committee. the invitation and hosting of the appropriate local fire official to attend the Association’s banquet.
  7. Functions – Mission
    • Publicity – With the FAMA Administrative Office and the association travel agent develop programs and publicity that encourage member participation in and benefit from FAMA Meeting activities.
    • Surveys – As required, survey the membership to assure the association is addressing the concerns, needs and interests of the membership.

Pat Cahill (United Plastic Fabricating)

Tim Allaband (Matheny Fire & Emergency)