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As a FAMA member if you would like to be part of a committee, please contact the committee chairperson.


The mission of the Statistics Committee of the Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association (FAMA) is to further the collection of data.


The objective of this committee is to provide valuable statistical data to the member companies.


The statistics committee shall generate statistical forms and have them approved by the FAMA Board. The approved forms shall be mailed out to all US and Canadian fire apparatus manufacturers on a quarterly basis. There shall also be data collected on a yearly basis for pumps. The completed forms shall be forwarded electronically to a Board-approved accounting firm. The accounting firm shall compile the data and forward the totals to the chairperson of the committee. The data shall be entered on the approved forms and mailed/faxed to all participants and the secretary of FAMA. The data shall also be forwarded to all FAMA members who directly request it as well as prospective participants. The data shall be forwarded to others only as directed by the FAMA Board.

Policy Guidelines for Statistical Programs

It is the policy of the Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association (FAMA) to adhere to the following guidelines in preparing, conducting and promulgating statistical programs:

  • Programs shall be undertaken in strict compliance with the letter and spirit of any applicable federal antitrust laws and trade regulation rules.
  • It shall be the purpose of such programs to provide information to FAMA members to assist them in making business decisions.
  • Programs shall not be undertaken if publication of the results would tend to:
    1. raise, lower, or stabilize prices;
    2. affect production;
    3. Plaque instruction letter
    4. allocate customers or markets; or
    5. encourage boycotts.
  • Participation in programs shall be completely voluntary; no company or individual shall be forced, coerced or required to participate.
  • Participation in programs and/or receipt of results of programs shall be available to allc companies or individuals engaged in the area of endeavor represented by FAMA under the conditions described herein. Participation and/or results:
    1. may be made available to other companies or individuals at the discretion of FAMA and upon notice to all program participants;
    2. shall not be denied any company or individual because the company or person is not a member of FAMA; however, results may be denied to any company or individual, whether a member of FAMA or not, that was given the opportunity to participate in the program but refused;
    3. for a company or individual that is not a FAMA member shall be subject to a reasonable supplemental fee when a program is wholly or partially supported by FAMA members’ dues;
    4. may be denied any company or individual that does not agree in advance of participation to keep the results confidential.
  • All reasonable measures shall be taken to maintain the confidentiality of data or information submitted by participants in FAMA statistical programs. Whenever proprietary or sensitive statistics are surveyed:
    1. where possible, an independent firm of accountants or consultants shall be retained to receive, analyze and tabulate the statistics;
    2. no individual participant’s name or statistics submitted shall be disclosed by FAMA or the independent firm;
    3. Data collected should be of past transactions or activities.
  • After data has been collected, it should be compiled in composite form so as to conceal the identity of any company or of any specific transaction.
  • FAMA shall not recommend or encourage any action by participants or others based upon the statistics.
  • The results of statistical programs shall not be discussed at FAMA meetings, except in general terms. Individual company sales, prices or customers shall not be discussed at such meetings.

Paul Bostrom (H.O. Bostrom & Company, Inc.)

John Schultz (Pierce Manufacturing, Inc.)