E.J. Metals
(920) 779-9913 (main)
1201 Maple Creek Lane
New London, WI 54961-9322
1201 Maple Creek Lane New London WI 54961-9322


Tom Sonntag
920-779-9913  (office)
920-240-6426  (cell phone)


EJ Metals is a designer and custom manufacturer of wildland, all-terrain and specialty fire trucks and High Pressure Firefighting Systems. Their product line includes wildland fire trucks, brush trucks, quick attack trucks, rescues, fire-rescue rough terrain vehicles (FRRTVs), RIVs, and compressed air foam systems (CAFS). They are pioneers in the development of highly-effective High Pressure Firefighting technology, including a patented nozzle and the only hydraulically driven system available. EJ Metals provides high pressure firefighting systems in skid units from 1500 PSI to 3000 PSI, and integrated into fire apparatus. They also provide refurbishment services and build custom dump shoots for fire tankers.