By Scott Beecher, Sam Massa, Jeremy Tucker, Jason Witmier


Scott Beecher is president and owner of Ward Diesel Filter Systems, a manufacturer of vehicle-mounted exhaust removal solutions. He is involved with several committees with the IAFC- VCOS; Lavender Ribbon Report; NFPA; the ARFF Working Group; and several other organizations. He is a member of the FAMA Tech Committee, ARFF Committee, and Government Affairs Committee.

Sam Massa is the president of, and chief technologist for, HiViz LED Lighting, a manufacturer of specialty lighting equipment with a primary focus on the fire and emergency services market. He is a North Carolina firefighter and an emergency medical technician. He is the electrical task group chairman for and represents FAMA on the National Fire Protection Association 1900 technical committee.

Jeremy Tucker is an engineer with Code 3 and has been with ECCO Safety Group (ESG) for 17 years. He leads the testing team at ESG and is active with SAE committees, the Transportation Safety Equipment Institute, the National Fire Protection Association, and FAMA.

Jason Witmier is director of Valor Sales for United Safety & Survivability Corporation, a manufacturer of emergency vehicle seating, air-treatment systems, and other safety devices. He is a volunteer firefighter in Pennsylvania and a Pennsylvania State Fire Instructor. He has been working in the emergency vehicle industry for more than 25 years, in positions in apparatus design as well as various component sales.


The buzz in the industry has been “clean cab initiatives” and ways to reduce carcinogens and contaminants that promote bacteriological and virological disease in fire apparatus and ambulances. As more Continue reading