By Steve Rowland and Cory Hohs

Steve Rowland is the electronics integration manager for IDEX Fire and Safety (parent company of FAMA members Hale Products and Akron Brass Company). Serving early in his career as a firefighter and EMT, he has worked with several top-tier OEMs and OEM suppliers over a 25-year career in public safety. He currently manages the ambulance OEMs for IDEX as well as contributing within the Captium and Multiplexing portfolios. Rowland chairs the FAMA Ambulance Technical Sub-committee and also serves as a principal member on both the NFPA 1917 Ambulance Standard and the NFPA 450 Fire-Based EMS Standard.

CORY HOHS is the CEO of HAAS Alert. He is a principal on NFPA 950, NFPA 951, and NFPA 414 and an active contributor to NFPA 1901. He is on FAMA and IAFC technical committees and presents on connected vehicle communications and public safety.


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